PhD, MSc and BSc student supervision

PhD students

Cas Renette

Aurora Patchett*

Julia Kukulies*

Magnus Persson*

Sandra Wolters*

Arvid Axelsson*

Martin Karlsson*

MSc students

Torpikay Azizi (ongoing) – Detecting mineral deposits in Afghanistan using hyperspectral remote sensing

Emma Dahlstedt (ongoing) – Can nitrogen and lignin hyperspectral signatures be used in the monitoring of alpine reindeer grazing?

André Farjami (2022) – Evaluating seasonal palsa elevation dynamics using DInSAR at the Vissátvuopmi palsa mire in Northern Sweden

Klara Hugosson (2022) – Evaluation of the variation in albedo over snow-covered forested areas in Northern Sweden and Finland

Eimantas Preskienis (ongoing) – Surface albedo derived from Sentinel-2 data

Kristin Blinge* (2021) – Spatiotemporal changes in Gothenburg municipality’s green space, 1986 to 2019.

Tayebeh Kheirkhah* (2020) – Spatial and seasonal variation of albedo exhibited by different land cover across Sweden

Julie Magiera* (2019) – The effects of tractor driving on Arctic vegetation at Kapp Linné, Svalbard

Ntandokazi Masimula (2019) – Cropland and tree cover mapping using Sentinel-2 data in an agroforestry landscape, Burkina Faso

BSc students

Emilia Stenbäck Storm (2022) – Satellitbaserade NDVI-trender vid Latnjajaure fältstation 1986–2021 // Satellite based NDVI trends at Latnjajaure fieldstation 1986-2021

Amy Eliasson & Emelie Lernbom* (2022) – Bränder ovan gränsen för fjällnära skog i Sverige mellan 1998 – 2020 // Fires over the border of alpine forest in Sweden between 1998-2020

Viola Eriksson* (2022) – Klimatets påverkan på vegetation på och kring en palsmyr mellan 1986 och 2021 // The climate’s influence on vegetation on and around a palsa mire between 1986 and 2021

Benjamin Holmberg* (2020) – A case study of a natural habitat for Gymnadenia nigra in Vålådalen, Jämtland, using remote sensing and GIS

Lina Olsson & Malin Skutnabba (2019) – Greening and browning in Abisko 1986-2018

* co-supervisor